Resurrection Mary

Ian Hunter wrote an excellent song about this legend.

Resurrection Mary is a well-known Chicago area ghost story of the "vanishing hitchhiker" type, a type of folklore that is known from many cultures. The urban legend is based outside of…


I read this a while back while Budd Hopkins was still alive, great read.

There have been tens of thousands of verified UFO sightings and landings. But it is the actual temporary abductions that are the most controversial and…


Mummified Remains of Jean LaRue 

Fear Grips Minnesota as the Indian War 1862 Goes On 


A Man’s body in tree since 1862 is found. – Wood choppers in Le Sueur County make gruesome discovery while working in woods. “Man hid in Hollow Tree, During…


Break a Leg Meanings

Theatrical types are well known for their belief in superstitions, or at least for their willingness to make a show of pretending to believe in them. The term 'break a leg' appears to come from the belief that one ought…


Crystal Head Vodka

Dan Aykroyd takes his vodka seriously. 

So seriously that his Crystal Head Vodka comes in a glass shaped like a human skull. But his reasons for crafting such a unique container are more than decorative. 

"The story behind…


Nail Salons

Nail salons, hair salons, waxing center and tanning places are closed. It’s about to get ugly out there.


His Face Sure Rings a Bell

A church's bell ringer passed away. So they posted the position and a man came in with no arms wanting the job. The clergy weren't sure he could do it, but he convinced them to let him try it. 


Van Morrison Recorded 30 Songs In One Day

Van Morrison Recorded 30 Songs In One Day 

If the rumors are true, that would have meant that Van Morrison recorded a more than one song every hour. Given that your average track is only 3-4 minutes long, it's…

Song Meaning? Wine Spodee-o-dee

I heard some great renditions of this song by Bruce McCabe and Cris Shuette

Found in the song "Drink'n wine spodee-o-dee" by R&B artist Stick McGhee, and later coverd by Jerry Lee Lewis. A wine spodiodie (also spelled Spodiodi)…

Evil Eye Meanings

Everyone gets a dirty look now and then, and we usually think little of it (especially if we deserved it). For most of us it is soon shrugged off, but in many places belief in "the evil eye" is taken…